Heinz Bouwer

Heinz Bouwer, b. 06/26/1978. Head of the whole gang. He is responsible for composition and lyrics, at the same time he is also voice and guitar with Triton. He has proven his talent for 25 years. Because so long ago he started with electric and electric guitar. 4 years of it in professional education what he gladly passes on as a guitar teacher. In this long time he had the opportunity to participate twice in the categories Best Album, Best Song and Best Rock Band at the German Rock Award in Hamburg. He was also allowed to perform in the Polish EU accession as a representative of the city Nordhorn in front of 3000 spectators in Malbork, Poland.
His life mottos:

  • Better to die standing than to live kneeling
  • Friendship is when one is allowed to think aloud.
  • Accept yourself

Markus Burkhardt

Markus, born 10.09.1978, is the bass player and shines with the backing vocals. He has been playing classical piano for 30 years and has completed an 8-year apprenticeship. He has been controlling the electric bass for 15 years now. Like Heinz, he also took part in the German Rock Award in Hamburg and was on stage as a representative in Poland.

His mottos are:

  • Living in the fast lane
  • There is something positive in every situation
  • Always believe in yourself and trust in your own strength, then you can do everything

Pascal Schürhoff

Last but not least. Our drummer Pascal, born 31.08.1988, practically the chick in the trio. He started with keyboard, which then went over in guitar and bass and ended with drums. This is what he is doing now for 5 years with enthusiasm and get out what there is to get out there.

His life motto:

  • Take life as it comes